KIRKHOFF Contemporary 2006

It is a pleasure to present Ida Kvetny’s second solo exhibition Blaze in the gallery. The exhibition can be seen from March 8th – April 19th 2008. Kvetny shows new paintings, drawings and sculptures.
Human, organic and geometric shapes are intertwined in Ida Kvetny’s paintings. With compositional superiority they blur the starting point of the abstract and figurative elements. Plane and object create complex spatialities that resemble more a kind of non-hierarchical mapping than a traditional perspective space.
A subtle, almost invisible detail spreads seeds, sprouts and ramifies along unpredictable traces and fragmentary connections arise. The overload of information destabilizes the sense of direction and logical reading of the image. Simultaneously with this dynamic, psychedelic, dense and intense colour explosion, the lines are also strongly controlled and the structure tightly composed. The gestured, imaginative paintings spring from diverse sources such as the surrealists’ automatic drawings, action painting, spontaneous abstract painting, pop culture, comics and simple computer graphics.
Kvetny expands the paintings in combination with her sculptures. The two- and three-dimensional works operate on the same terms with repetitive motivic ornamentation. Objects bought on the net, found on flea markets or in second hand shops are part of the works and contain an echo of former life and bring a story, a drama or a memory into the sculpture or painting. The shiny sculptures are situated on coloured tubes of plastic that work as synthetic plinths. At first glance the sculptures look like solid abstract masses but at a closer look plastic figures turn up. The sculptural automatic drawings function as a trunk, a root, a key to the painting where the figurative elements become a starting point for the viewer to freely navigate in the paintings.
There is something straightforward and surprising is at work in the blazing universe of Kvetny that possesses a peculiar drive and a crystallizing force.
Ida Kvetny (b. 1980) lives in Copenhagen after studying three years abroad. She is educated from The Funen Art Academy 2002-2004, Edinburgh College of Art 2004-2006, she has been at the Norfolk Summer School of Art at Yale University 2005 and she has received her MA from Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London in 2007. She received the Young Artist of the Year 2007 award from Ledernes Hovedorganisation. In 2007, she participated in the group exhibition Comix! at Brandts in Odense, Denmark, in Mad Love – Young Art in Danish Private Collections at ARKEN Museum of Modern Art 2007 and in a group exhibition at the Museum of Art, Seoul National University in Korea.