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Charlotte Fogh Contemporary is happy to present Ida Kvetnys soloexhibition; Pineapples on the loose, a goat head and the meeting of the seven stars, featuring new paintings, sculptures and installations.

The universe of Ida Kvetny is an explosion of energy. Twisting and interlacing lines. Spaces that overlap. Techniques that succeed one another. Abstract forms, strong colours and expressive brushstrokes are mixed with drawings of ethnical masks, plants, psychedelic patterns and stencils. Acrylic, marker, spraypaint, water, metallic and neon colours. All layered or side by side like one big chain reaction.

Ida Kvetny expands her paintings in combination with the sculptures to an elaborated form of painting. Both the two- and three dimensional artworks fundamentally have the same patterns and construction. Like the paintings, the sculptures are created by layers of different forms, tecniques and materials, and functions both as bases for the paintings and autonomous. Ida Kvetnys artworks are a natural force, where culture meets nature, where abstaction, figuration and the process of automatical drawing enables ideas of the unconsious to develop.

Ida Kvetny (b. 1980) lives in Copenhagen after studying three years abroad. She is educated from The Funen Art Academy 2002-2004, Edinburgh College of Art 2004-2006, and she has received her MA from Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London in 2007.

She received the Young Artist of the Year 2007 award from Ledernes Hovedorganisation. In 2007, she participated in the group exhibition Comix! at Brandts in Odense, Denmark, in Mad Love – Young Art in Danish Private Collections at ARKEN Museum of Modern Art 2007 and in a group exhibition at the Museum of Art, Seoul National University in Korea. Recently she participated in the exhibition ” To The Wall” at Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

”Pineapples on the loose, a goat head and the meeting of the seven stars”  is the last exhibition in Denmark before Ida Kvetny for one year joins an Artists in Residency in Los Angeles.