The exhibition title “RAM” refers to the classical myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece and is also short for “Random Access Memory”; a form of computer data storage. Jason was a displaced prince, who captured the Golden Fleece and thus conquered his father’s throne back from his malicious uncle. At the exhibition Kvetny shows new works thematically inspired by the title. Among others the themes include courage, magic, hero worship and the journey as a phenomenon.

At the exhibition Kvetny shows an installation consisting of a three-meter high wooden sculpture and a series of paintings. The sculpture is build of simple geometric elements; a barrel, a jar, and the head of a ram on the top. In terms of content the sculpture points to the motifs in her paintings, which represent a complex and magical dreamlike world, where a ram is often included. The installation suggests a contemporary visual journey seeking an animal skin in an indefinable, magical space. By the presentation of this work Kvetny also explores the shape, rhythm and the narrative, which a traditional painting stands for.

In connection with the word “Random Access Memory”, Kvetny also explores the automatic drawing and the abstract painting. The paintings are an explosion of shapes, surfaces that overlap, psychedelic patterns, vibrant colors, animals and faces. The works invite you on a journey through a series of visual mazes, like the Internet, which result in a multitude of more or less controlled imagery. While the myth of Jason was orally passed on and then written down, Kvetny here ask whether the stories, that get stored and transmitted in today’s information age is randomly selected.