My VR art work GAZE 

Has been selected for “The People’s Festival” ! in NYC.

It will be shown at the VR lounge June 1, 2019! in the Expo area! at The AMC Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem.


GAZE The Peoples Film Festival




My new film “The Kvetny Galaxy I” is showing in NYC

Screening “The Kvetny Galaxy I” If yo u are in NYC and up for some Tippy Animations from all over the world (at THE PSYCHEDELIC FILM AND MUSIC FESTIVAL) get tickets here :…

Sat May 25 2019 12:30 PM at Producers Club Theaters, 358 West 44th Street Manhattan, New York, USA


dir. Ida Kvetny

Denmark, 6 min

If we were inhabitants on planet Kvetny, we would each day pass by the little gloomy towers before urban chaos and the body’s erotic hunger would swallow us up in a Bruegel-esque inferno. 

(artwork I made virtually and lovely voice from Grete Tulinius and text by Mette Woller)

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 The Kvetny Galaxy II” has be nominated as a finalist at the Light & Future International Festival (LFIFF) in Houston USA.


Light & Future International Festival (LFIFF)
is an Independent and competitive festival. This is a monthly Event that is committed to bringing filmmakers and artists of all levels – even beginners – a chance to taking
home a festival award. 

LFIFF mission is to provide an opportunity for everybody around the world to share their visions and ideas with each other to draw worldwide attention. The main organizer of this festival has 10 years of experience to hold film festivals and now he wants to start this independent project to gather talented filmmakers and artists.

Texas Southern University

3100 Cleburne Street
Houston, Texas 77004 
United States






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